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About Us

Your Trusted Transportation Service Provider in UAE.

TRANSPOTEC General Maintenance and Transporting were established to provide best quality land transportation, Equipment rental and building maintenance in UAE. Through the experience we are able to provide customized expedited transport solutions for our customers’ transportation needs.

TRANSPOTEC Realizing the need for specialized transportation services in the oil and gas sector, industries and commercial establishments in U.A.E., the company has since then committed itself to support the oil and gas transportation requirement and has grown into leading contracting and transportation services.

Our Team

Our Team work in close association with its valued clients to understand their diverse requirements. We are thus able to provide customers with safety tested vehicles and competent drivers within the stipulated time period. The skilled employees adhere to the stringent HSE norms of safety and quality.

All the contracts are executed with a primary focus on the health and safety of our employees. In addition to the rules and regulations set by the clients, the government and the International sector in terms of all activities undertaken by the Company.

We are also in a position to offer competitive rates to the clients as we have a well-equipped fleet of trucks, cranes, equipments and trailers of varied sizes to suit the diverse requirements of the customers.

TRANSPOTEC plays an eminent role to satisfy all the requirements of customers in the UAE. The company has a strong foothold on Gen. Maintenance and Transporting needs. The Company has committed to ensuring that their customers have access to the highest level of quality service with Highest safety standards by regularly measuring customer satisfaction and feedback.